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Teak Decking

Real teak decking for your decks, cockpit seating, home or even your car!

Real Teak decking has been used on boats for hundreds of years and has stood the test of time. From ocean liners and luxury yachts to day sailers and motor cruisers, teak has always been a ‘touch of class’. Teak Decking will enhance the appearance of your boat in a dramatic way, whilst also adding to its value. In a time when most boats are made from GRP, the beauty and functionality of natural Teak will transform your boat in a way no substitute synthetic material could ever achieve. It will soften the look of the decks, taking away the white glare you get from non-decked areas; it dries much quicker than GRP, and is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. The properties of Teak make it an excellent non-slip surface, so it is considerably safer to walk on when wet.

All of our panels are hand-made in the UK by quality craftsmen. Through K J Howells, Teak decking is finally affordable, by having the panels made individually to your templates and fitting them yourselves.

We have supplied teak decking for homes (both internally and externally) and even as a practical and beautiful finish to new and classic cars – let your imagination roam free!

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Yacht Decking by KJ Howells in Poole Dorset

Why Choose us?

We are a small, privately owned company that takes a great deal of pride in our work and we would consider it a failure if you are not completely satisfied with our service.

Our quality and service is second to none and our products are very competitively priced.

Decking panels are made from your templates, using individually laid 9mm or 6mm ‘Quarter Sawn solid Teak lengths, bonded together with Primed Sikaflex 290 DC. We use a blend of ethically sourced natural forest and plantation teak which are the best materials to give the most durable finish required for marine use.

Email us a sketch ([email protected]) of the area you wish to cover, along with the dimensions and we will be happy to provide a free, no-obligation quote alternatively please call us on 01202 665724 for further advice.

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Where Do You Go From Here?

To obtain an accurate quote first send us a sketch giving as much information as possible. Try to show the layout of the deck area to be covered. Include any queries or questions you may have. If we need any further information to complete the quote we will let you know.
We only require templates for panels that are shaped. We recommend using either stiff cardboard or hardboard. The more accurate your templates, the less final fitting you will need to do.
Although we regularly produce many standard sets of panels, such as for a number of Moody, Westerly or Sigma vessels, we always request a fresh set of templates. This reduces your risk of slight model year changes, or user modifications made to the boat. Remember, if your templates fit like a glove, the panels will when you receive them!
If you decide to proceed with the deck panels we would then ask you to send through your templates as described above. Please number each template and record them on a separate sheet of paper, showing where they are in relation to each other. Write on the templates the face side and any additional information you might think relevant.
We will transfer all the details onto the lofting table and then create the outer border. The decking strips are then individually cut to size and laid in. The grooves are then primed using Sikaflex 290 DC Primer, prior to injecting the Sikaflex 290 DC Caulking. The panels are then left to cure for approximately one week prior to sanding.
Sailing vessels such as the Moody’s sometime have a 6mm recess into which the decking is situated. For recessed areas the outer frame is not necessarily required as the end grain is protected by the recess, so a cost saving can be made. When requesting a quote, let us know that you may be interested in panels without an outer border, and we will be happy to provide an amended quote.
After a final sanding, the finished panels are then either packaged for dispatch via a courier (a quote for which we will be happy to provide) or stored ready for your collection.
When you receive the panels, you should dry fit them first to check if any final fitting is required (remember, the more accurate you templates were, the less final trimming will be necessary). Once you are satisfied with the fit, we recommend you use Sikaflex 298 Bedding compound, with the appropriate primer to secure the panels to your deck.
Unlike GRP you will need to give a little more time to the maintenance by replacing the natural oils lost during the season. We recommend using a good quality teak oil, made from natural products; or for a near maintenance free coating we recommend using Coelan, the ultimate Teak Coating System.
An excellent guide to Bonding and Caulking Teak decks panels is available from Sikaflex. Download the Sikaflex User guide.
If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call. With our many years of experience I am sure we can help with any questions you may have.