Teak Rubbing Strake (Catalogue code F)


To allow this moulding to be blended in with your current rubbing strake when repairing, we now supply it with straight vertical sides, with a round over on the top 2 edges (not a complete curve as seen in the sketch – please call for further information).

(As our mouldings are manufactured in the UK, there may be up to 14 days lead time for delivery.  Please call if you would like me to check our current stock)

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Large size rubbing strake

Available in the following sizes:

50mm x 1mtr

63mm x 1mtr

73mm x 1mtr

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Teak Rubbing Strake 50mm x 1mtr (Cat Code F1), Teak Rubbing Strake 63mm x 1mtr (Cat Code F2), Teak Rubbing Strake 73mm x 1mtr (Cat Code F3)